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Get ‘em while they’re hot!

10K NFT trading cards repping real New York pizza shops and their top slices. Genesis drop coming out hot and saucy Q2‘22.

What’s Your Favorite New York Pizza?

Is it Scarr’s LES? Greenwich Village Joe’s? With APizza New York, you can now own NFT trading cards repping the NY pizza shops you love!

Pizza with a heart on it
Laptop with a pizza on the screen


Every NFT contains fun, unique, custom artwork from contributing artists for the of ‘ZA.


Once a month, NFT owners can make social posts with the correct hashtags and earn crypto to buy pizza at the shops they own.

Laptop with a pizza on the screen
Heart with percentage symbol in the middle

Generous Givebacks

Eighty percent of all initial sales plus 5% of resale royalties goes into a ‘ZA fund, which is used to buy pizza and IRL experiences for NFT owners.